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Online Recruitment Solution

Online Recruitment Solution

“The Smart, Automated Recruitment Solution”
Our recruitment solutions is an applicant tracking system for Staffing Agencies and Independent Recruiters.

Enhance Visibility, Extend your reach

Share your job openings with the world! Publish job openings to your company website and the most popular job boards to increase exposure and source top talent.

Let your Brand Create a Lasting Impression

Use the power of your brand to find candidates by creating a custom Careers Website Page that seamlessly blends with the rest of your site.

Minimize Process Time, Maximize Efficiency

Manage resumes the smart way; parse, search, filter, trace status, tag or associate with job openings.

Never Let Candidates Wait, Respond Instantly

Narrow down and centralize multiple communication channels onto a single platform to avoid logging into each client. Retrieve or trace communication with candidates or clients, from within their respective records.

Create and Implement your Custom Workflow

Customize every aspect of your workday by creating workflows to automate tasks giving you time to take care of everything else.

Candidate Management

Know everything about your candidates and track their activity inside your database from sourcing to hiring. Stay organized and informed to ensure you make the best hire possible.

  • Custom leave types
  • Manage Your Activity
  • Event Management
  • Track Candidate Source
Resume Management

Manage every aspect of your resumes with ease. Parse candidate information directly to your candidate database, streamline the application process and format and brand resumes easily before sending them off to clients.

  • Parse Resumes
  • Candidate Login
  • Format and Brand Resumes
Workflow Management

Every recruiter has a set of tasks he or she completes manually after completing an initial task. Automate this process and eliminate time-wasting tasks by managing your workflow.

  • Create Workflow Rules
  • Send Workflow Alerts
  • Automate Tasks
Leverage Your Website

Let the power of your brand attract candidates. Create a custom careers web page, post job openings directly to your website and automatically capture candidate information to your Recruit application database.

  • Showcase Job Openings on career portal
  • Target your postings
  • Build Your Brand
Roles & Permissions

Control every aspect of your Recruit application account by creating and managing different users, his or her roles in the organization, user groups and defining data each user can and cannot see in the database.

  • Manage Users, Profiles, Roles & User Groups
  • Assign Roles & Permissions
  • Share only the data you want
Territory Management

If you have a large recruiting firm, you may need to split candidates and clients among your recruiters based on geography. our Recruit application lets you create groups, assign territory and create rules for what information recruiters can view.

  • Split Candidates and Clients between Recruiters
  • Create Territory Rules
  • Assign Territories