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Executive Search

Executive Search & Headhunting

Executive search and headhunting is a specialized recruitment service used to source candidates for senior, executive and other highly specialised positions in organizations. We conduct research to find the best suitable candidates working for competitors or related businesses.

Clients often tend to work with us in order to fill mid-level positions. Beyond the increased volume of candidates that such an approach allows, we do not get paid until a candidate is successfully hired, and thus the search risk is shifted almost entirely to us. Moreover, we often work with clients on higher percentage fee basis.

For senior level roles, clients often prefer to work with us because we have the experience and the knowledge to close the most senior positions. By working exclusively with our clients they receive a higher level of service. With all methods, retained, delimited, and contingency, our clients rely on our search professionals to provide not just resumes, but also insightful, consultative information about the market in general.